Definitive agreement collective labour agreement Dutch Universities 2022-2023

On 9 June 2022, following a positive backbench consultation, Universities of the Netherlands and the employee organisations FNV, AC/FBZ, CNV Overheid and AOb converted the cla negotiation settlement which was concluded on 12 May into a definitive agreement on the Collective Labour Agreement (cla) for Dutch Universities (CAO-NU 2022-2023.

The cla runs until 31 March 2023 and stipulates:

  • a 4% salary increase for all university employees with effect from 1 July 2022.;
  • in addition, they will receive a one-off gross lump sum payment pro rata to their contractual working hours (€400 gross in the case of full-time employment). Employees who receive the minimum hourly wage for the university sector will likewise receive a one-off gross lump sum payment under the same conditions (€750 gross in the case of full-time employment).
  • the parental leave scheme will be improved. This includes an increase of the amount paid in parental leave during the first year of the child’s life to 70% of the employee’s wage. In addition, the provision that an employee is only entitled to parental leave on partial pay after having been employed for one year will cease to apply. Lastly, the repayment scheme will cease to apply.
  • universities and the trade unions will start a joint study to determine how the contractual position of teachers can be improved.

The parties to the cla will convert the agreements in the cla agreement into the final cla text. The aim is to have the complete text of the new cla 2022-2023 available online in August 2022.