Don’t miss out on benefits...

Did you benefit from the Selection Model this year? You can still take advantage of special offers if you complete it by 30 November at the latest. The Employment Conditions Selection Model can be used to trade your salary, holiday hours, holiday bonus and end-of-year bonus for additional benefits. These include:

  • Art, culture and sports allowance

Apply for a €100 (pro rata) allowance for art, culture and sports. If you participate in an art or culture activity or course, or if you have a sports membership, be sure to include this in the Selection Model. These activities are not part of the trade process as they are included in the annual art, culture and sports allowance that all employees receive. 
Examples of the art, culture and sports options

  • Bicycle allowance

If you buy a bike for commuting purposes, you can be reimbursed up to €1,500 as part of the Selection Model. This amount is tax deductible. You can also apply for reimbursement for a new battery for an electric bicycle and/or a major service for a bicycle instead of a new bicycle once every three years.

  • Holiday hours

If you have too many holiday hours, consider using or selling some in the Selection Model. This reduces the chance of your hours expiring. You can also purchase additional holiday hours.

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