Dry January
Dry January

Dry January, are you participating (again)?

Radboud University considers health and vitality important for staff and students. One of the things that contributes to this is consciously dealing with alcohol consumption. That is why the university is participating in the 'IkPas' battle again in January 2023. Together with other Nijmegen organisations, the university will take up the challenge nationwide to get as many people as possible to participate in the 'IkPas' Battle. 


Alcohol break

Put your alcohol consumption on pause for a month to see what it does to you. You will become more aware of the choice you can make to drink or not. Break with stuck patterns and notice what pausing alcohol consumption does to your health. Will you say 'yes' to an alcohol break in January and take up this personal challenge? Take part for your own health, and help Nijmegen win the 'IkPas' Battle.

Alcohol and other drugs

The use of alcohol and/or drugs by an employee can have a negative impact on the employee's own functioning and employability, as well as have consequences for those around him or her, such as colleagues and students. As an employer, Radboud University is responsible for the working conditions under which employees function. Therefore, a number of principles apply in the context of alcohol and drug use by employees. Please check the Regulation on alcohol and/or drug use, part of the  Radboud University Code of Conduct.