E-learning Social Safety for Supervisors now available

The e-learning Social Safety is now available in gROW for the more than 600 supervisors at Radboud University. The module fits within working towards an open, inclusive and socially safe working environment.

Supervisors develop skills to achieve a socially safe working environment. The training includes videos of workplace interactions and reflections on them. An important component is the ‘Guideline in 10 phases: managing transgressive behaviour'. This phase plan provides clarity on what supervisors should do in case of a signal of repeated undesirable behaviour or of transgressive behaviour.

Two perspectives

This e-module thus offers two perspectives on social safety:

  • Proactively, supervisors can work with their teams on social safety by creating a pleasant and constructive feedback culture.
  • If signs of transgressive behaviour do arise, the 10-phase plan guides supervisors through the approach process with the professionals in the help structure.

Developed in-house

This Radboud project is a collaboration between HR, confidential advisors, the staff ombudsofficer, Radboud Labour Expertise Centre, Educational Design & Technology, Radboud Educational Clips, and In'to Languages. For the scenarios, casting and direction of the videos, we worked with Crux Creaties.

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