Tim de Lange
Tim de Lange

Educating with Tim de Lange

Tim de Lange has been teaching psychology students for a year and a half, preparing them for the clinical field. He works four days a week as a child and youth psychologist and teaches one day a week. In an interview he tells more about the combination of working as a teacher and psychologist, what he likes about his work and where his challenges lie in education.

During his own bachelor's degree, Tim missed teachers who, in addition to their job as teachers, worked as psychologists, which is why he wants to include his own students in the cases he experiences as a psychologist. Tim: “I change and anonymise everything about the case so nothing can be traced. This way I get my own practice into the classroom and I can explain to students why they should make certain choices during their conversations.”

I try to be very approachable to students and thus remove the barrier to ask questions

In addition to including the professional field in his lectures, Tim believes that accessible contact with students is important. “I try to be very approachable to students and thus remove the barrier to ask things. I really enjoy seeing students grow in the skills they possess and that they dare to ask more and more questions.” Tim has big goals in mind; He currently only teaches workgroups, but would like to set up his own course in the future and also give lectures. “Now the division in terms of working days in the week is 4-1, but one day I want to make that 3-2 so that I can teach more and take more time to prepare.”


The biggest challenge for Tim is to prepare his students as best as possible for working in the clinical field. “I not only want to teach them how to have a good conversation with clients and how to write reports, but also what is involved when you really start working as a psychologist. I try to do that by having a good relationship with my students.”

The best thing about work

What does Tim like to do most? “As a psychologist you hear a lot of complaints and problems, which can sometimes make the work emotionally taxing, but you also have very nice conversations and processes. On the other hand, students are often grateful and the lessons I teach are very productive and enjoyable. I think that's why I like the variety the most. I get a lot of pleasure from my work as a teacher and a lot of satisfaction from my work as a psychologist.”

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