Engelbert Hubbers ontvangt certificaat UKO van Laura van Niftrik
Engelbert Hubbers ontvangt certificaat UKO van Laura van Niftrik

Engelbert Hubbers has achieved an UKO

Engelbert Hubbers has achieved the Extended Teaching Qualification (UKO). On Tuesday 30 January, the certificate was presented by the Vice Dean of Education, Laura van Nifrtik. Engelbert participated in the pilot UKO, which lasted for one year. The renewed setup of the UKO provides teachers with the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from other faculties to explore how educational innovations are approached and implemented.

In the conversation with Engelbert, his experiences and what the UKO has yielded for him as a teacher were discussed. The UKO is taken by teachers from all faculties, allowing them to delve further into educational innovation from various perspectives. Engelbert has been working on developing learning materials for students to optimise the connection between two courses. The learning materials were provided with appropriate feedback and numerous opportunities to practice the material. Engelbert utilised the Sowiso platform for this purpose.

What is the UKO? The UKO combines educational innovation and teacher development. After obtaining the BKO, you engage in educational innovation. It's a significant step in your development as a teacher by further developing the education within your programme or faculty. If you would like more information about the UKO, please contact Esther Diebels via bko-fnwi [at] ru.nl.

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