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Exchange Good Friday for another national holiday or memorial day

From 2024, you will have the option to work on Good Friday. The new collective bargaining agreement provides that you can exchange this collective day off for another religious, national, regional or local holiday or memorial day.

The condition is that you normally work on Fridays and that you submit the trade-in request to your supervisor no later than four weeks in advance. As this year Good Friday already falls on 29 March, the application deadline will be handled flexibly this year. The application may be rejected if there are compelling business interests of Radboud University, including the closure of a building for employees whose position does not allow them to work from home or elsewhere. On Good Friday, Radboud University buildings are closed, with the exception of the University Library and the Sports Centre.


Closure of buildings

The Executive Board has decided to maintain building closures on Good Friday. The reason is that only a limited number of employees are expected to come to work on campus that day, as Good Friday combined with Easter Monday results in a long free Easter weekend. Therefore, keeping buildings open on campus would lead to unsustainable and efficient use of the buildings.


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