Experience Days at FSS

Just before and after the Christmas holidays, we organised plenty of information activities for 5 and 6 vwo students, including the Experience Days. An Experience Day is organised once or twice a year and is an in-depth activity for students who are more advanced in their study compatibility process. At the same time, they get a glimpse of future student life at Radboud University. About 350 secondary school students attended the latest edition.

During an Experience Day, students follow a special programme. This programme often consists of a lecture, a campus tour, lunch at De Refter, a workgroup and a student talk. Most students come alone to an Experience Day, which makes this day an even bigger deal for them. Fortunately, they are welcomed with great enthusiasm and guided by passionate FSS students. The day ends with a presentation on ''The week of a student'', after which the students are invited to have another (non-alcoholic) drink in the Culture Café.

Marin Kellaert, Psychology student, helped with the Experience Days:

As a student assistant at the psychology information session, I am responsible for answering any questions that potential new psychology students have about the study, the university and Nijmegen. This involves answering e-mails, organising the orientation days and helping to organise the Experience Days. I think an Experience Day is a great way for potential students to get a glimpse into the life of a student, because it gives a bit more insight into what it is like to study psychology than during an open day. Because you also attend a workgroup and a campus tour guided by one of the students, you get an even clearer picture of what the study and the university are like. What is especially nice is that during the Experience Day, you already get to meet possible fellow students from next year, so you will already know some others when you start your studies.