Faculteitsbestuur Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen voor het Maria Montessorigebouw
Faculteitsbestuur Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen voor het Maria Montessorigebouw

Faculty Board update - May

The Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences informs you about the activities of the past few weeks.

29 May 2024

The Faculty Board may submit proposals to the Soroptimist Vrouwenfonds (Soroptimist Women's Fund) to establish a (special) teaching remit to make a structural and innovative contribution to the position of women and girls. More information can be obtained from the board at bestuur.fw [at] ru.nl (bestuur[dot]fw[at]ru[dot]nl)

The Faculty Joint Assembly (FGV) is a place for staff and students of our faculty to express concerns and participate in discussions. In the FGV, members of the FSW Subcommittee and the Faculty Student Council meet with the Faculty Board. Another FGV took place on 30th May 2024, where the demonstrations against the war in Gaza, internationalisation and financial developments were discussed.

The Faculty Board previously discussed the demonstrations on campus and their possible implications for staff and students. As a follow-up, the board discusses the latest state of affairs. 

Radboud University's educational vision aims to provide direction and guidance for the development and innovation of education and the choices Radboud University makes in this regard. The Executive Board has asked the faculties to use the vision as a guide for (the further development of) education. The Faculty Board will provide the Executive Board with an update on which parts of the faculty's education are already in line with the new vision and on the status of how the faculty is using the university's educational vision in further education development.

The Radboud Young Academy (RJA) is a Think Tank consisting of PhD graduates working at Radboud University or Radboudumc. RJA members actively seek interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues from inside and outside the RJA and are keen to develop as new leaders within their fields. The RJA participates in the debate on education, research, social impact and leadership in order to improve academic culture. Faculty of Social Sciences members of the RJA met with the board on 29th May 2024 and discussed internationalisation, diversity and inclusion, ius PhD students, and open science, among other topics.

22 May 2024

Several proposed appointments and recommended promotions were discussed.

Based on the recommendations from the report 'Balanced Recognition and Appreciation within Social Sciences', a Recognition and Rewards programme has been established. The Recognition and Rewards programme team recently presented the results of the first phase of the project on the theme "Career Paths and Profiles" to the education and research directors of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The board discussed these results and the initial responses from the directors.

Recently, the board discussed the campus demonstrations and their potential implications for staff and students. Following this, the board discussed the latest developments.

On Wednesday, May 29, 2024, the away day for directors, professors, and department heads of the Faculty of Social Sciences will take place, with the theme of leadership. Topics such as giving and receiving feedback and conducting annual reviews will be addressed.

Radboud University will have to contend with a significantly less favorable financial outlook in the coming years. The executive board has previously reported on this. The board is discussing the potential financial prospects.

15 May 2024

The board discussed demonstrations on campus and the potential implications for employees and students. The board endorses the position of the Executive Board that it is of great importance that students and employees can make their voices heard on campus; therefore, wherever possible, we provide space for demonstrations where it is always conditional that this is done with respect for the body, good and spirit of others, and where, of course, a dissenting voice is possible.  

Last week, the Internationalization in Balance bill was sent to the House of Representatives. This was reported earlier. In the summer of last year, Minister Dijkgraaf published the "Internationalization in Balance" bill. This bill should ensure a better balance between advantages and disadvantages of internationalization in higher education. During public consultation on the bill, the minister received a good number of often critical responses, including from universities.   

The board discussed the latest status. An update from the university will follow shortly.  

The board discussed the faculty report on information security. Information security focuses on protecting all data and systems, with the goal of keeping information available, with integrity and confidentiality, and preventing various threats such as hacks and viruses. Ultimately, it is about managing risk.  

Key themes addressed in the report include awareness, how information is stored and shared, and collaboration between various disciplines such as privacy, knowledge security, ethics and data management.  

The report will be followed up by faculty for which a plan of action is now being developed first. 

List of public decisions

22 May 2024

  • The board decides that during the summer period, limited opening hours will apply to the Maria Montessori building, specifically from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM.

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