Werkconcept InWork
Werkconcept InWork

First changes work environments Berchmanianum visible

Soon, the first changes in the working environments in Berchmanianum will be visible. The first (video)call cells and single workstations will be installed throughout the building in week 51.

As part of hybrid working, there is a plan to use the work spaces in the Berchmanianum in a different way. The premise here is that you are no longer tied to a specific desk, but can use a large number of work spaces throughout the building. 

Next steps

Other concrete changes you may start to notice in 2023 include the redesign of the second floor for the move of our Finance & Control colleagues in March. In the second quarter of 2023, the meeting café will be redesigned with new furniture and more greenery. Further changes will be announced in 2023.

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