Roel Schutgens geeft een college aan eerstejaars rechtenstudenten
Roel Schutgens geeft een college aan eerstejaars rechtenstudenten

Forecast model for new student intake available now

Want to know how many new students will start at Radboud University, within your faculty or program, next academic year? You can now use the newly developed forecast model! This model accurately predicts the intake of first-year students (first-year program) for the upcoming academic year, covering programs, faculties, and the university as a whole.

Developed by the Institutional Research department (part of the Academic Affairs division, Radboud Services), this forecast model caters to the growing need for early and reliable information on the number of students joining Radboud University. The model predicts at the program level (both bachelor and master) and nationality group (Dutch, EEA, non-EEA), with subsequent aggregation to forecast intake at the faculty and university levels.

What data does the forecast model use?

The forecast model utilizes pre-application data received weekly from Studielink and information from our internal system, OSIRIS. This combination enables the model to accurately and reliably predict intake for the following academic year early on.

Further development of the forecast model

Following the forecast of first-year student intake in the upcoming academic year, the Institutional Research department are expanding the model to predict total student numbers at Radboud University, per faculty and program, as well as forecasting intake and total student numbers over multiple years. You keep informed of these developments.

Where can I find the forecast model?

You can access the forecast model, along with a brief guide, explanation of methodologies used, and information on the accuracy of predictions, through this link to the dashboard:

Questions about the forecast model? Or suggestions for further development? Feel free to email us at ir [at]