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Four ways to kick-start your new academic year!

The new academic year is upon us. Therefore Radboud In'to Languages offers four tips to get off to a good start.

1. Optimise your English or Dutch language skills

As a staff member you can optimise your English or Dutch language skills free of charge. The Executive Board facilitates courses in Dutch and English for non-native speakers of Dutch or English. The only thing you have to invest as a staff member is time. To keep your time investment to a minimum, you can also take some courses online.

2. Help your students become better academic writers

Do you want to provide targeted, personalised and time-efficient language feedback on your students' writing? The Write Space gives you the skills you need to do this quickly and easily. This interactive learning environment for Radboud teachers is available in English and Dutch and can be accessed via Brightspace. You can also join a free workshop on how to work with this tool. And please advise students to follow one of the free academic writing courses (in Dutch or English)

3. Teach your international group of students with more confidence

You want to offer the most effective learning experience to all your students, regardless of their backgrounds and cultures, but also without compromising your own unique voice and energy. The E-learning Lecturing in English in the International Classroom gives you tools to do this. As a teacher of Radboud University, you can follow this e-learning free of charge.

4. Communicate inclusively

In order to benefit from the enriching elements of internationalisation, you should be aware of intercultural differences and be able to adapt your communication accordingly. Take a look at the inclusive communication skills courses offered by Radboud in'to Languages. The Translations & Editing desk of Radboud University can also advise you on inclusive language for websites, teaching materials and other content.  

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