EOS fiets
EOS fiets

From InWork to Radboud Sustainable Working

At Radboud University, it is important that you can work well, effectively and with pleasure. This can be done in various places, on or off campus. For this purpose, the new workplace concept InWork was developed and implemented over the past (over) three years in academy building Berchmanianum and Elinor Ostrom building.

For the success of this new way of working, we expect everyone to help each other and hold each other accountable for behaviour that deviates from the (work) agreements made within the framework of the workplace concept or within your own team. Please see your manager if you have any questions about the working environment. If you are a manager and have a question about the workplace concept or a special situation within your team or department, please contact your colleagues involved in the programme Radboud Sustainable Working (radboudduurzaamwerken [at] ru.nl (radboudduurzaamwerken[at]ru[dot]nl)). 

We do it together. Everyone is needed!

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