Getting a grip on your career

Do you have control over your career? Take charge of your own development, so that your work stays challenging enough, you develop the necessary skills, and you continue to experience job satisfaction. That is what we mean by “personal leadership” at Radboud University: charting your own course. But how do you actually accomplish that?

Where do you start?

It doesn't matter where you are in your career or what situation you are in. You might have a very clear picture of where you want to go in your career and have mapped out a clear path: the study programme you want to join or the training that you feel is useful. Perhaps you are more hesitant and less certain about what you want. Maybe your working environment has changed a lot recently. Sometimes you get the feeling that something has to change. It’s important to talk to your supervisor about your development needs and options. A conversation with a career coach or the workshops on self-insight or considering your development may also be helpful. Check out gROW to see the other options that the university offers in this regard.

Charting your own course

It goes without saying that you have to take certain circumstances into account, but there is always the option to adjust or change something within that framework, with or without outside help. It is important to take control yourself and to show personal leadership.

Joseph Oubelkas

Inspiring example

A good example of someone who, despite his dire circumstances, took control of his situation is Joseph Oubelkas. For years he was wrongfully imprisoned in Morocco. Despite his hopeless situation, he managed to set goals and find bright spots for himself within the confines of his situation at the time. His message: “You are in control of your own destiny. Whatever comes your way; you decide how you will deal with it.” Listen to his story and get inspired on 30 May. You cannot miss this inspiring lecture.

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Take control of your work

Radboud University believes it is important that everyone takes control of their own vitality, career, and personal development. This also means that the university likes to see employees feeling comfortable in their own skin. In order to offer support and inspiration for this, more attention will be paid in the coming period to what exactly personal leadership entails, but above all, how you put it into practice. Visit Getting a grip on your career for inspiration.