Have your Brightspace course prepared by TIP!

The Teaching Information Point from Social Sciences Education Support is offering the 'Brightspace course copy' service this summer. With this service, your new Brightspace course will be prepared for you, so you can focus on other things.

The 'Brightspace course copy' service is available to teachers with courses in the first semester of academic year 2024-2025. You can choose from two variants: 

1. Basic

The content of your course in Brightspace with all the components necessary for it to function, is copied and prepared for the next academic year. Items no longer of interest for the new course are not copied.  

2. Extensive

The course with content is copied and prepared just as the Basic variant. In addition, the structure of your course is reviewed and you are given advice on how to improve the Brightspace setup based on a checklist. If desired, a consultation with one of the TIP staff can be made as a result of the evaluation. 

Would you like to make use of this service? Then sign up before 17 June using the button below. The Brightspace course will be ready for you no later than 16 August. Note: We can only offer this service if your course has already been definitively published in consultation with the OSIRIS team.

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