Fietsen van de radboud universiteit
Fietsen van de radboud universiteit

Healthy to work: a tribute to our bikes

On Thursday, 16 May, we celebrate Bike to Work Day, a day dedicated to the simple act of biking to work. Will you take your bike to campus this Thursday?

For many of our employees, cycling to work is a daily habit. A large proportion of our colleagues, approximately 65%, greet each other for the first time not at the coffee machine, but in one of the 22 bike garages. It is a meeting place where electric bikes are charged, rain suits come off and conversations begin with cheerful 'good mornings'.


fietsen op de campus

Will you cycle more often?

What makes our campus so inviting to come by bike? Several studies show that there is a positive relationship between exercise and the location of buildings. 'It seems logical that you will exercise more if there is a nice green park around the corner, a nice playground or a nice bike path' explains Erwin van der Krabben, Professor of Spatial Planning, in this article. Not only is the surroundings of the campus inviting to come by bike, but there are also various facilities for visitors. For instance, you can pump your tyre in the Elinor Ostrom Building and every year, as an employee in the Selection Model, you have the option to use part of your budget for the tax-free purchase of an (electric) bicycle. Did you know that you can achieve many health benefits with just half an hour of walking or cycling a day?

More exercising during working hours

Is cycling to work not always feasible for you, but would you like to exercise more during working hours? GROW contains e-learnings, articles and videos on how to move more, which you can apply immediately.

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In addition, Radboud Sport & Culture offers advantageous offers for staff and students. With over 80 different activities, generous opening hours and professional guidance, an RSC subscription offers extensive exercise and relaxation opportunities for everyone. Will you go spinning or BOMmen (Movement to Music) with your colleagues?

Radboud Sport & Culture

Kapotte fiets door omgevallen boom BM

Broken bikes

Last winter, two bicycles were unfortunately broken by a fallen tree at Berchmanianum due to storm. Fortunately, you can get your steel friend quickly fixed at the bike shop near Radboudumc. On our campus, you can borrow a red Radboud University bicycle if you are temporarily unable to use your own. You can request these at the Berchmanianum reception.