Docent zit op tafel voor het bord
Docent zit op tafel voor het bord

Kick-off pilot Senior Teaching Qualification

Starting this academic year, Radboud University will offer lecturers the chance to obtain their Senior Teaching Qualification (STQ) during a pilot. During the STQ pilot, educational renewal and lecturer development go hand in hand. Have you obtained your UTQ and are you going to work on educational renewal this study year? Are you heavily involved in curriculum revision at your study programme? Or are you, as a lecturer, participating in a Honourslab? Then participating in the STQ pilot might be of interest to you.

The STQ is a possible follow-up step in your development as a lecturer after you obtain the University Teaching Qualification. Within the STQ, it is all about developing towards a role as senior lecturer. One of the ways you can make progress in your development as a lecturer, is to further develop the education within your programme or faculty. In doing so, you transcend, so to speak, the level at which you only fulfil the teaching in your course and shift your focus to the development of teaching within the programme or faculty. 

What does the pilot look like? 

The pilot is aimed towards lecturers who are starting on educational renewal or already working on it and consists of a series of meetings. During the meetings, you will meet other lecturers working on educational renewal. By sharing what you are working on in your education, you will gain a broader perspective and you can work on developing your education with others. 

Another added value of the meetings is that you have fixed moments to reflect on your personal development. The meetings offer you inspiration, communal learning, and deepening on themes that can help you realise the educational change you are working on. Think of, for example, curriculum development and coaching in education. In addition, we offer possibilities for group intervision and coaching. 

Personal learning path 

At the start we will, together with you, your supervisor, and the UTQ/STQ assessment committee at your faculty, find out what you would like to develop and which possibilities this path offers for that. Participation is free, but not without obligation. Whether you obtain your STQ at the end depends on multiple factors, such as the experience you bring with you at the start and the experience you will gain while working on your educational renewal. 

Participation and Intake 

The intake interviews will start after the autumn break and the first of four meetings will take place before the end of this calendar year. Are you interested in participating or would you like to know more about the pilot? Contact inge.hindriks [at] (Inge Hindriks) of the department Education Support before 22 October 2022. 

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