Studenten buiten, te voet en met de fiets
Studenten buiten, te voet en met de fiets

Kick-off SIG Academic Citizenship

On the 10th of June the day was finally here; the first meeting of the Special Interest Group (SIG) about Academic Citizenship. This is a broad subject, what exactly do we mean with it? We thought about this together with nine participants with different roles and from different departments in the university. Subjects that were mentioned are contributing to a better world, learning together –both between students themselves as students with the organisations they work with- and making students see that they're more than "just students”.

There subjects also raised new questions, because what does this mean for the role of a teacher? What kind of responsibility does the university have in this? How do you bring civil society and the learning environment together and how do you deal with conflicting interests between them? What kind of ethics are important here? How do you combine the values of science with those of citizenship? And also: What is already happing here at the university?

All of these questions seem to be worth more investigation in this SIG. That is why that is exactly the plan for the coming period: to mobilize people who like to work on this together, in order to make use of each other's skills, knowledge and creativity. There are still ten employees on the list of interests for follow-up meetings, and we hope that June 10 can be a start of exchange, inspiration and impact!

Curious to know more?

Do you also incorporate Academic Citizenship in you education? Are you curious about how to give this topic a bigger role? Do you recognise the questions we’ve asked ourselves as well? In short: Do you want to join too? Email us at sigacademiccitizenship [at] (sigacademiccitizenship[at]ru[dot]nl) so we can add you to our Teams and keep you up to date about coming SIG meetings.

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