Portretfoto Kim van Broekhoven
Portretfoto Kim van Broekhoven

Kim van Broekhoven receives Noller Grant for her creativity research

Our postdoctoral researcher, Kim van Broekhoven, has been awarded the Ruth B. Noller Grant for her cutting edge creativity research. Kim investigates how communicative patterns between group members may inhibit or enable the emergence of creativity, in terms of novel and appropriate ideas, from moment-to-moment.

To answer this question, she currently observes groups of undergraduate students in the Faculty of Social Sciences Honours lab ‘Innovations for a healthy lifestyle’. With the help of Design Thinking, these students identify and define a lifestyle problem, and develop an innovative solution to it. Each group’s interaction is observed via audio- and video-recording. Combining qualitative analysis with quantitative analyses of the creative process will deepen our understanding of what communicative patterns occur in socially situated creative interaction, why they occur, and how they influence the creative process as it unfolds itself.

Noller Research Grant

The Ruth B. Noller Grant fosters and supports emerging, paradigm-shifting research with high potential for impact in the field of creativity, creative education studies, and creative thinking. The grant includes $2,000 cash award for research, free registration to Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) conference at Niagara University in Lewiston, New York, and a travel allowance to attend the CPSI conference.

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Watch the short video where Kim explains why creativity is an important quality for students.

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