Interieur Huygensgebouw
Interieur Huygensgebouw

LED's GO - energy savings through (more) sustainable lighting

With the LED's GO project, Radboud University will save a lot of electrical energy by 2023 by replacing conventional lighting with sustainable LED lighting. This will ultimately save 65 percent of the current power consumption for lighting.

LED's GO starts at the beginning of April in the Huygens building. The Grotius, Elinor Ostrom/Gymnasion and University Library buildings will follow later this year. The total implementation of LED's GO will take about a year.

Energy-efficient and maintenance-friendly

The bright lighting contributes to a pleasant (working) environment for employees, students and visitors. LED lighting is much more energy-efficient than traditional lighting, which is not only good for the environment, it also results in considerable cost savings. Energy costs for lighting decrease and because this sustainable lighting has a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting, maintenance costs also go down.

Radboud University's energy policy aims for two per cent absolute energy savings per year and LED's GO is one of the measures that contributes to achieving this goal.


A large number of luminaires in each building will be replaced or adapted for LED lighting, yielding total savings comparable to the average annual consumption of as many as 700 households.


Building Number of luminaires Savings in kWh per year
Huygens 4,660 900,000
Grotius 1,861 175,000
Elinor Ostrom/Gymnasion 2,107 350,000
Universiteitsbibliotheek 2,692 305,000
Totaal 11,320 1,730,000

Grant for making campus buildings more sustainable

LED's GO meets the set conditions of the Subsidieregeling duurzaam maatschappelijk vastgoed (DUMAVA). Applications have therefore been submitted for the University Library, the Elinor Ostrom Building and the Huygens Building. The Grotius Building is too 'young' to qualify for this subsidy. With a total application of over €300 million in subsidy - on an available budget of €150 million - a draw by a notary was required. This proved favourable; the applications were drawn. Radboud University will receive a grant of € 730,000 to help cover the costs of this preservation of campus buildings.

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