Microsoft Edge-browser BASS

As of 1 June next, you can use Microsoft Edge as a browser for BASS. Internet Explorer will be depricated. The language in which BASS is displayed will be based on your preferences set in BASS (not Windows). This may be different from the settings you have now. If you want to change the application language, you can find detailed instructions on the website.

If you work on the network of the university, the settings will be adjusted automatically after your first login at the Radboud-network. If you are not working on the network on campus, you have to open an eduvpn-connection for the changes to be implemented. If you use a computer that is not managed by the university, you have to change some settings manually

What will you notice?

  • You will note nothing of the change process. This process will be run on your pc as soon as you log in onto the Radboud-network for the first time on or after 1 June.
  • When you start BASS in Edge, you will not be redirected to Internet Explorer anymore.
  • For those who work with Oracle Forms within BASS (employees with some specific authorities), they will see a popup asking permission to open a jnlp file when they try to open a Forms screen. You should give that permission.
  • From now on, you can set the display language of BASS in Preferences.
  • The pages look slightly different.