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Mobile phone from work? Replace your (e)SIM card on 26 or 27 June

Do you have a mobile phone managed by Radboud University? Then you have recently picked up a new (e)SIM card from Odido. On 26 or 27 June, your number will switch to Odido. Replace your (e)SIM card on that day to remain reachable after this date.

Your number will be transferred to Odido on Wednesday 26 June or Thursday 27 June, depending on when your number is due. You will receive an SMS from Odido one day before and on the day your number is transferred. You can only replace your (e)SIM card if you are in the Netherlands. Please read Odido's information beforehand to know which data you need to save before swapping your (e)SIM card. This prevents you from accidentally losing data such as your contacts list and voicemails.

More information physical SIM card Odido

More information eSIM card Odido

Abroad on 26 or 27 June

Won't you be in the Netherlands on 26 or 27 June? Please inform us as soon as possible via telefoonbeheer-ils [at] This will prevent you from being unreachable after 27 June.

No (e)SIM card from Odido yet

Haven't you had the opportunity to pick up your (e)SIM card yet? On 25 June from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., you can collect your (e)SIM card at the Odido information desk in the hall of the University Library. Don't forget to bring your campus card when picking up your (e)SIM card.

Number retention

All existing mobile connections will be transferred to Odido. You will therefore continue to use your current phone number. If you use a five-digit speed dial number, it will remain the same after the transfer to Odido. Your mobile phone subscription will also remain the same as your current one. 

Contact information

Do you have any questions? Please contact the ICT Helpdesk via icthelpdesk [at] (icthelpdesk[at]ru[dot]nl)

Will you be abroad on 26 or 27 June? Please let us know via telefoonbeheer-ils [at] (telefoonbeheer-ils[at]ru[dot]nl). This will prevent you from being unreachable after 27 June.

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