More balance, energy and impact as an academic?

Do you recognise this need for more balance and can you use a little support? Then follow the workshop in which you will discover new perspectives to do your work in a more balanced and energetic way. But perhaps you would prefer to work one-on-one or with other dilemmas. Do this together with a colleague as a mentor.

Workshop ‘More balance, energy and impact in academia’ 

Do you want to discover a new perspective on what it takes to feel more balanced and energetic while having more impact at the same time? Publication pressure, getting funding, heavy teaching load and uncertainty about contracts and career opportunities. These competing demands on your time, effort and energy make finding balance and feeling energetic challenging in Academia. During this workshop dr. Samula Mescher will debunk 3 myths that stand in the way of you finding balance.

  • Myth 1: Finding balance and being a driven, ambitious academic are not compatible;
  • Myth 2: Time management will help you find a better work-life balance;
  • Myth 3: You feel unbalanced because of how busy you are.

In this interactive workshop you will learn 4 important keys to finding balance in academia. You will also learn practical tools to put these keys into practice. Tools you can use in your daily life immediately!



Every academic staff member with a position of postdoc, UD, UHD or professor can call on the help of a mentor. Mentoring is a form of coaching in which a senior employee (mentor) guides a junior employee (mentee) in professional and personal growth. Based on intake forms from both the mentor and the mentee, the organisation tries to find the best possible match. Over the course of a few months you will plan four of five conversations together.

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Through mentoring the Radboud University wishes to contribute to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for all its employees. 

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