More time to grieve by introducing bereavement leave

On 22 April, the Executive Board agreed with the employee organisation in the Local Council on the introduction of bereavement leave. This introduction of bereavement leave gives you as an employee more time and space to grieve.

From now on, you are entitled to two weeks of bereavement leave with pay (salary) following the death of a spouse, registered partner or the person with whom you live unmarried, a parent, parent-in-law, step-parent or foster parent, child, step-child or foster child, son-in-law or daughter-in-law.

Following the death of a brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandfather, grandmother or grandchild the extraordinary leave shall amount to one week. In the event of the death of a person with whom the employee otherwise had a social relationship and for whom the employee acted as a carer, one week of bereavement leave may be granted.

Agreements about the extent, duration and content of your bereavement leave should be made with your supervisor. Because everyone processes their loss in their own way, further measures may be needed. One colleague may want to resume work as soon as possible, while another may need more time to mourn and may not yet be able to return to work.

Radboud University's Holiday and Leave Regulations gives you the opportunity to get extra leave, with or without pay (salary). This is always tailored to your situation.

Holiday and Leave Regulations 

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