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New agreement on reuse of copyrighted material

The Dutch Universities (UNL) and the UvO Foundation, which represents publishers among others, have reached a new agreement on the reuse of texts and images in educational materials. The arrangement is valid from 1 January 2023 until 31 December 2025. What does this mean for education within Radboud University and Radboudumc?

When copying texts, images etc. of copyrighted material, financial compensation is due to the copyright holder. The universities and publishers have agreed on a buyout payment for a significant part of the copying in the so-called Easy Access Agreement (information only in Dutch). This makes it easier to comply to copyright restrictions for lecturers.

The Easy Access Arrangement in outline

The main agreements at a glance:

  • A correct source citation is mandatory for all takeovers.
  • Copying is limited to a maximum of 40 pages and no more than 20% of the entire work. This is a change from the previous agreement. Urgent advice for teachers: from now on, for new teaching materials, follow the agreed line.
  • Including a link to the (public, legal) digital version of the publication is always allowed.
  • Stacking copies, i.e. spreading parts of a publication over several readers for the same course, is not permitted.
  • The regulation applies to both printed and digital educational materials.
  • The regulation also applies to images. There is no maximum number of images you may use. However, there are two conditions: a maximum of 25 images from one work (e.g. a book) and a maximum of 10 from one and the same author.
  • For detailed information, see the UvO website (information only in Dutch).

CopyRIGHT tool

At present, actual use does not yet play a prominent role within the scheme. Universities are working on a new model for the future. Than it, this will be the case. On the initiative of UNL, Surf and the universities, a CopyRIGHT tool is being developed to support this. Both now and in the future, it is important that lecturers stick to the agreements.

For more information, questions and help, contact the Copyright Information Point (AIP). They are happy to help and can be reached via Ask Your Librarian or email copyright [at] (copyright[at]ubn[dot]ru[dot]nl) . You will get a quick response.

Infographic Easy Access agreement 2023

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