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New assessment software at Radboud University

On 1 June, it was announced that the Dutch company Ans has won the tender for the new primary assessment software at Radboud University. The software of Ans will replace Cirrus Assessment as the primary assessment software at our university from September 2024.

European Tender

During the European Tender, in addition to the technical and legal requirements (GDPR), close attention was also paid to functionality and user-friendliness. These were assessed by several panels containing representatives such as lecturers, students, and Faculty Digital Assessment Coordinators. With Ans, the university will have a tried-and-tested assessment system that is already in use by several Dutch universities and colleges.

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Phased implementation

Now that the new software has been selected, the project team is preparing the implementation. This will take place in phases. The academic year 2023-2024 will be used to prepare and connect the software to necessary interfaces (such as OSIRIS). After that, the assessment questions will be transferred from Cirrus to Ans.

The Faculty Digital Assessment Coordinators and system administrators will be the first to receive training in the use of Ans. After that, lecturers will also learn to work with the new assessment software. From January 2024, we will start trial runs with the new software, initially on a small scale. From September 2024, the entire university will start working with the new software.

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Contact information

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more? Please contact your own faculty digital assessment coordinator or the project manager Michiel van Geloven via michiel.vangeloven [at]

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