Steven Bartels in een collegezaal
Steven Bartels in een collegezaal

New course Educational Leadership starts in the spring of 2023

In the spring of 2023, Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre will start with the course Educational Leadership. The course is an effective investment in the pioneers of our university education and gives a positive impulse to the development of education.

The course consists of thematic meetings with topics such as vision on learning and lecturing, interdisciplinary education, educational innovation, curriculum development, and the managing of educational transformation processes. By means of assignments, the participants will learn how to apply diverse aspects of educational leadership in practice. 

Upon completion, the participants will be able to: 

  • Carry out an adequate analysis of complex educational issues. 
  • Develop and implement practical solutions with respect to education and lecturer development. 
  • Stimulate, organise, and support lecturer and educational development. 

The course has a duration of close to a year and the substantive content of the meetings depends on the learning wishes and interests of the participants. Therefore, the prior knowledge and development goals of the participants will be strongly addressed during the intake interviews and evaluation moments. There is plenty of time during the meetings to discuss with fellow group members about bottlenecks and practice the diverse perspectives of the assignments. An international work visit is also part of the course. Group members will decide on the destination and programme together. 

The course is meant for university (senior) lecturers and professors that have a management function in the education of Radboud University. The faculty boards will nominate candidates to the TLC by October 31st, 2022. Intake interviews will then be scheduled, and groups will be formed. The course has been purchased from the Centre for Academic Teaching at Utrecht University, which has been offering it for over 15 years. The CAT will supervise the first few series of the course. 

Contact information

For more information on the registration procedure, we would like to refer you to your faculty board. For any substantive questions you can contact Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre.