Studenten zitten achter elkaar en maken digitaal tentamen
Studenten zitten achter elkaar en maken digitaal tentamen

New: Using SPSS, Word, Excel or PowerPoint during digital assessments

It is now possible to use SPSS, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint during digital assessments conducted via the software Cirrus. This enables students to use these programmes, which they normally use during the course, during a digital assessment as well.

During an assessment, students can now, besides using the assessment software (Cirrus), use SPSS to perform a statistical analysis, for example. Afterwards, they can use the analysis to answer a question or submit the data set as an answer in Cirrus. Another example is being able to edit an existing article in Word and hand in the edited version.

Digital assessment with Cirrus 

More and more lecturers are choosing to use digital assessment. Cirrus Assessment is the software system that Radboud University uses for digital exams. Digital assessment with Cirrus is convenient, because you create the questions, assess exams, and analyse the results all in one system. You can easily work together with colleagues, and Cirrus can help you in grading the answers if the questions are multiple choice.  

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The faculty digital assessment coordinator can help you with your questions about Cirrus and about using the new features. 

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