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New working method absenteeism counselling for Department of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Service

With the arrival of occupational health support workers (MOB), the Department of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Service (AMD) is tackling the waiting times for initial consultations with occupational health physicians.

Waiting periods to see occupational health physician

In recent months, there have been longer waiting times for initial interviews with occupational health physicians. This is due to a national shortage of occupational health physicians, and it has affected structural staffing within the university’s AMD. As this is undesirable, the AMD has been examining its practices.

Occupational health support worker

It was decided to deploy occupational health support workers (MOB) in coordination with Radboud University. The occupational health physician can delegate specific tasks in relation to absenteeism counselling and reintegration to a support worker. The occupational health physician is and remains ultimately responsible. This working method will be implemented on 15 March.

Impact for employees

For employees, this means they can see both the occupational health support worker and the occupational health physician in a trajectory. The use of occupational health support workers provides employees with guidance on absenteeism faster. Employees can also be helped with questions related about prevention quicker. 

Are you already in an absence counselling programme, and have only seen the occupational health physician so far? Then the occupational health physician will carefully consider whether the medical support worker can take over your counselling or parts of it. This is always done by mutual agreement.