Team Science Award

Nominate a team for the Radboud Team Science Award

​​​​​​​In academia there is often recognition for achievements by individual scientists. However, scientific achievements are often the result of a collaborative effort by several colleagues with diverse talents. Radboud University's executive board wants to recognize and reward team science more. One way that they do this is by giving a Team Science Award. For this award you can nominate a team before 20th of March!

Who can be nominated?  
Any team at Radboud University and Radboudumc  that works or has worked together scientifically can be nominated. Team members can be affiliated with other organizations. The only requirement is that the majority of the team members are employed at the Radboud University or the Radboudumc.

Who can nominate?  
All employees of Radboud University and Radboudumc are invited to nominate  a team. You can nominate your own team or another team. It is appreciated if the nomination itself is also a team effort and if junior team members play a vital role in the nomination process.

What does the award entail? 
The winning team will receive 10.000 € that can be used to further boost the team spirit (e.g. via personnel, material, travel costs, visiting researcher, team building etc.). There will also be a short movie been made on the team where team members can say what is so special about their team.

What are the criteria?  
There are three criteria:

  • Team work: The team is characterized by an open and respectful culture where all team members feel heard.
  • Diversity: The team succeeded in utilizing and appreciating different perspectives, backgrounds and skills.
  • Achievements: The team demonstrates exceptional achievements regarding scientific impact, societal relevance, education and/or public outreach.

Who received the award the last time?
In 2022 the first Radboud Team Science Award went to the teams: Medicine for People with Intellectual Disabilities, and Substance Use, Addiction & Food. More information about the winning teams can be found here.

When will the award be given?  
The winning team will be announced in August via the Radboud website and newsletter.

How can you nominate a team?  
By filling in the nomination
 form and sending it to teamscienceaward [at] before 20th of March.

Nomination Form Radboud Team Science Award


Nominatieformulier Radboud Team Science Award