Aankondiging Onderwijsprijzen 2023
Aankondiging Onderwijsprijzen 2023

Nominees for University Education Awards 2023 announced

The nominees for the University Teaching Awards 2023 have been announced. These annual awards will be presented on Wednesday morning, March 20, as part of The Education Days. Lecturers (or teams) who have delivered a personal, excellent teaching performance within Radboud University in the past year to improve the visibility and quality of education are eligible.

The nominees

All nominees were nominated by their students, colleagues and faculty boards. There are two prizes to be awarded: a talent award and a senior award. There are three nominees for both awards. 

Nominees Talent Award

The candidates for the talent award are:

  • Juliette Alenda-Demoutiez (Assistent Professor Economic Theory and Economic Policy at the Nijmegen School of Management),  
  • Saskia Glas (Assistant Professor Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences),
  • Henning Meredig (lecturer and research assistent, Department of German language and culture at the Faculty of Arts).

Nominees Senior Award

Contenders for the senior award are: 

  • Marijtje Jongsma (Associate Professor at the Behavioural Science Institute and Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Martijn de Koning (Associate Professor Islam, Politics and Society at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies)
  • Nanne Migchels (Assistent Professor Marketing at the Nijmegen School of Management).

The jury

The Executive Board awards the prizes based on the advice of a jury, chaired by Rector Magnificus José Sanders. The final winners will each receive a certificate and a cash prize of € 3,000. Two-thirds of that amount of money has to be used to improve education; one-third is to be spent by the winner as they see fit.  

In addition to Rector Magnificus José Sanders, the jury consists of Jan Bransen (Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre), Vincent Hunink (Faculty of Arts), Tesseltje de Lange (Faculty of Law), Matthijs Moorkamp (Nijmegen School of Management), Stefanie Sonner (Faculty of Science), Marit Rensink (secretary, Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre) and students Anne van Poppel (Psychology), Derk Wijkamp (Philosophy, Politics & Society) and Isa Witteveen (Medicine). The jury takes various elements into account in its assessment, including the extent to which the lecturer or the teaching team has contributed to the innovation or improvement of education through their teaching performance. 

The University Teaching Awards have been annually awarded since 1996. The winners of the year 2023 will be announced during the award ceremony on Wednesday morning, March 20, from 10:00 to 11:00 am in Theater Hall C. 

Attend the award ceremony

On campus

Everyone is welcome at the award ceremony, which will take place in Theater Hall C. Sign up via our registration form to attend the ceremony. 

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The award ceremony will also be livestreamed on YouTube. The livestream will start at March 20 at 9:45 am (15 minutes before the start of the ceremony).