Pilot cool and sustainable transport on campus

Since the end of October, Campus & Facilities has been experimenting with a sustainable alternative for transporting fresh produce on campus. Some of the catering, such as lunches and appetisers, will no longer be delivered by diesel bus, but by the GoLo Coolbike.

Transportation across campus with this bike trailer is extremely energy efficient. Moreover, the routes are shorter because the cycle paths are used. And very easy and convenient: parking is possible in front of the door!

The GoLo Coolbike on campus
The GoLo Coolbike transports fresh produce across campus

Field lab campus Heyendaal

The pilot, which runs until early 2023, is part of the Fieldlab Campus Heyendaal. In it, we are investigating how daily goods transport to, from and across the campus can be cleaner, more sustainable, more innovative and safer. The aim of this pilot is to test whether a cargobike is a good means of transport to distribute fresh products across campus.

Pilot project for wider use

The GoLo Coolbike concept will eventually be used to transport other goods, in particular (refrigerated) medicines (e.g. from the pharmacy to the client). There is great demand from the (care) market for this form of refrigerated and sustainable transport, where the temperature for some medicines must be constant and monitored remotely. This pilot project with fresh products is a first step to test, without major consequences, whether the GoLo Coolbike is adequate.

The project's partners are: Velocity, Flevobike, Radboud University, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen and the NWO grant project SSCMH.

More information (in Dutch) about this pilot can be found here.

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