Station Nijmegen
Station Nijmegen

Pilot smart combo of car & public transport. Will you be joining in?

Do you travel to campus by car because it takes too long by public transport or bike? Then join the 'smart combo' pilot starting now! Employees of Radboud University who live a bit further away (approximately from 10 km) and come to campus by car can get acquainted with a different way of travelling: a smart combination of car, public transport and sometimes bicycle. You get personal travel advice and the costs for the public transport part are largely reimbursed.


If you take part in the pilot, you can experience that combined travel by car, public transport and bicycle often takes hardly any longer. Sometimes it is even faster than travelling by car alone, especially if you are travelling from the south. Moreover, you can use your travel time to work, save on fuel and parking costs and contribute to making the campus more accessible.

How does it work?

If you join the pilot, you will receive one or more travel advices based on your postal code. You will then receive instructions on how to start travelling using the app Glimble. The pilot will last three months and during this period you will be reimbursed the cost of a 1st class public transport ticket 20 times if you try a combi trip. In return, we ask you to share your experiences with us.

Sign up

If you are interested, you can sign up before 1 March by completing this short questionnaire.

Pilot initiative

The pilot combo trip is an initiative of Duurzaam Bereikbaar Heijendaal in which Radboud University, Radboudumc, HAN and ROC work together with governments and transport operators.

The joint ambition of these organisations is to reduce the amount of car traffic during rush hours by 20% and to be emission-free, car-free and accessible by 2030. Travelling less and differently is an important means to that end.

Contact information

Questions can be sent to meedoen [at]