Plegt-Vos continues to be supplier of architectural maintenance

Last year a tender for the structural maintenance of the buildings of the Radboud University took place. Plegt-Vos emerged as the winner. This service construction company, which has been a supplier since 2013, will thus remain our supplier for architectural maintenance for the next three to (depending on a possible extension) seven years.

Compared to the previous contract, the scope within the new one has been expanded. Besides preventive building maintenance, solving building malfunctions and projects, the agreement with Plegt-Vos now also includes roof maintenance, glass repair, painting and sports floor maintenance. By expanding the scope, the responsibility for construction work lies with one party and a single point of contact has also been created for Radboud University. This allows for better integrated thinking about the execution of maintenance and projects.


The new agreement with Plegt-Vos is effective January 1, 2023. To celebrate this, a symbolic sealing of the renewed long-term cooperation took place on March 13. Agnes Muskens (vice president of the Radboud University Executive Board) and Theo Opdam (Plegt-Vos director) cut the cake together.