Podcast series on Statistics and Multilingualism in edusources

When you mention digital learning resources, most people think of free online courses (MOOCs) or knowledge clips. But podcast episodes can also make a valuable contribution to knowledge dissemination.

Recently, two podcast series by current and former Radboud University researchers were added to edusources, the national platform for open digital learning resources. So were two separate podcast episodes featuring a Radboud University employee.


Roel Willems, project leader and senior scientific researcher at SCP, is incredibly skilled at explaining statistics without using images. His Audio Statistics Podcast counts 20 episodes so far, covering topics such as the T-test, effect size, and Bayesian statistics.


In 2019, linguist Sharon Unsworth launched her Chatheads series, a podcast for parents, teachers, and speech therapists. What can you expect when you raise your children to be multilingual? What should you pay attention to? What helps your children's language development and what hinders it? In each episode, Sharon, herself the mother of two children (both multilingual, of course), discusses the science behind the language development of multilingual children with a different expert. In passing, she also offers practical tips, interviews children about what it’s like to grow up with two or more languages, and talks to parents and professionals about their experiences with multilingual children. The podcast was launched in Dutch in 2019, and has also been available in a full English-language edition since 2020. The English-language episodes will soon be added to edusources.

Colonial history

Information expert and historian Jeroen Bos was twice a guest on the His and Herstory Podcast series to talk about themes in colonial history. One episode centred on the practice of gifting exotic animals in the early modern era, with a special reference to the Asian elephants presented by Hans and Parkie to Stadholder William V. Another episode was about a VOC map of the Indian village of Bimilipatnam, and colonial cartography in general.

Social Sciences

Podcasts in the field of Social Sciences can also be found in edusources. Psychologist and associate professor of Language and Communication Anita Eerland, together with Rolf Zwaan, professor of Cognitive Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, has set up the podcast series Drang naar Samenhang (Desire for Cohesion). In it, everyday examples from politics, sports, culture and science are tested against the question of how to get a grip on the complex world we live in. Topics (regularly) include fake news and conspiracy theories, sense and nonsense of ChatGPT, the effectiveness of communication and how we (potentially) influence others with our behaviour. Eelke Spaak, neuroscientist and member of Radboud Young Academy (RJA), chimed in for an episode of Over de Kop, an understandable podcast series about our incomprehensible grey matter.

Contact information

Are you a Radboud lecturer, and did you launch your own podcast series? Or did you contribute to a podcast as a guest? The Radboud Open Education Team would love to get in touch with you to share these podcast episodes more widely via edusources. You can contact the team via openeducation [at] ru.nl (openeducation[at]ru[dot]nl).

Maybe you don't have a podcast but a knowledge clip, open textbook, MOOC, or PowerPoint presentation that you would like to share more widely and openly. If so, our team would love to support you in adding these resources to edusources. See the special Libguide for more information on all available support around open digital learning materials.

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