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  • You ask, AI writes - Column Han van Krieken

    Dealing critically with knowledge and generating new knowledge from there is at the heart of academic education. This takes effort. But without that effort, development stalls. Of course, you can get a good grade for an AI-generated essay or thesis, but the only person you are truly disadvantaging in doing so is yourself. Rector Magnificus Han van Krieken on chatGPT.

  • ChatGPT in het onderwijs

    ChatGPT: what it means for our education and research

    ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that provides quick, well-formulated answers to a variety of questions. The impact of this tool on education and research has our attention.

  • aangepaste arbeidsvoorwaarden

    Changes to some Employment Conditions as of 1 January 2023

    Per 1 januari heeft de Belastingdienst de maximale kilometervergoeding verhoogd van € 0,19 naar €0,21 per kilometer. Dit heeft gevolgen voor een paar arbeidsvoorwaarden.

  • Wetenschapsknooppunt

    Call Radboud Science Award 2023

    The Science Education Hub Radboud University calls research institutes and researchers to nominate candidates for the Radboud Science Awards 2023. Award winners develop an outreach activity for primary schools.

  • Take-off subsidies beeld via Unsplash

    NWO calls open to apply research results: Demonstrator & Take-Off

    If you as a researcher would like to investigate whether it is feasible to apply your research results, or if you are interested to further develop technology into a prototype, NWO offers two grants that might be of interest.

  • Een hand die een wereldbol vasthoudt met bergen op de achtergrond.

    New grant submission period Virtual International Collaboration Projects (VIS)

    In February, the next grant submission period for Virtual International Collaboration Project (VIS) will start. From 1 February until 28 February it is possible to apply for a grant.

  • Closing cycling and walking paths for climate-adaptive water management

    Part of Willem Nuyenslaan and Pieter Bondam Square will be closed to cyclists and pedestrians from 23 January until summer. The closures are necessary due to works to improve water drainage on campus.

  • Opruimactie fietsenstalling

    Clean-up action bicycle storage

    In week 4 (from 23 January), old, broken and abandoned bicycles will be removed from the campus bicycle storages.

  • Medewerkers en studenten graven in een moestuin

    Update Community Garden

    Do you also get excited by the idea of a garden on campus? Good news! Since last summer, a piece of land near the Hortus has been transformed into a thriving vegetable garden. Read the latest updates here. Will you help out too?

  • Nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst 2023

    Looking back on the New Year's Gathering 2023

    Radboud University's New Year's Meeting was held Jan. 9, 2023, in the Aula.

  • Alarmnummer

    Emergency telephone number 024 36 55555: save it on your phone

    Radboud University has its own emergency telephone number: 024 36 55555. Call this number immediately in case of emergencies such as accidents, fires, threatening and unsafe situations, or incidents involving hazardous substances.

  • Kennisveiligheid

    Questions or advice about knowledge security?

    Knowledge security is an important topic in higher education and research. Therefore, since 2 January, a Knowledge Safety Advisory Team has been in place and can be reached for questions and advice.

  • Lifeport Welcome Center ontvangt eerste kennismigranten

    Lifeport Welcome Center opens its doors to international high-skilled migrants at Radboud campus

    High-skilled workers and their family members, scientific researchers, students, start-ups and foreign investors can now arrange everything for their stay in Nijmegen at one counter: the Lifeport Welcome Center at the Radboud campus.

  • invullen keuzemodel

    Last chance to exchange 2022 goals in the Selection Model

    Have you incurred costs in 2022 that you can use in the Choice Model and you have not yet done so? Then keep in mind that you can still do so until 31 January.

  • Take-off subsidies beeld via Unsplash

    Take-off grants for five innovative Radboud projects

    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded Take-off grants to five Radboud projects. This allows academic and innovative start-ups to investigate whether their science-based innovative ideas are feasible and commercially applicable.

  • Logo Recognition & Rewards E-Magazine

    Recognition & Rewards E-Magazine

    The first E-magazine of the national Recognition & Appreciation programme is live. The E-magazine helps in sharing good practices and stimulates mutual discussion on Recognition & Rewards at Radboud University.

  • Nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst 2023

    Speakers New Year's Gathering 2023 announced

    On Monday 9 January, we will jointly usher in the lustrum year at the New Year's Gathering in the Auditorium. All staff and students are welcome to attend this festive occasion.

  • Maak je niet (te) druk? - Column Daniël Wigboldus

    Keizer Karel - Column Daniël Wigboldus

    But what qualifies as transgressive behaviour? Some things are simply not allowed. You’re not allowed to jump a red light. Similarly, there is no room on our campus for bullying, sexual harassment, abuse of power, etc. Let us be very clear about that.

  • Microcredentials

    Pilot: a more transparant professional profile with Microcredentials

    In December, Radboud University formally entered the national Microcredentials pilot created by Universities of the Netherlands. Microcredentials are proof of the result after a short learning experience.

  • Erkennen en waarderen

    Nominate your coworkers for the ‘Recognises and Rewards prize'

    On Wednesday 1 February 2023 at 16:00, the Radboud Young Academy organizes a Recognition and Rewards event. During this event, six winners of the ‘Recognises and Rewards prize’ will be determined by a lottery.