Foto Eline Spek
Foto Eline Spek

Quick-fire questions: Eline Spek

In the Quick-fire Questions section, we meet a colleague from our faculty. This time it is Eline Spek's turn; who started as Head of Management and Office Support on March 16.

Who are you, what position do you hold within the faculty, and since when? 

I am Eline Spek, and I started here on 16 March as Head of Management and Office Support, a new department for all management and office assistants. They work in all kinds of different departments and now together also form one department within the faculty.  

What position/work did you do before this? 

The university is not completely unfamiliar to me as until a year ago, I worked here for nine years. I once started as a student assistant at the Teacher's Academy and, after various positions, spent the last four years as Head of Operations at Radboud in'to Languages. Eventually, my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to travel, and I said goodbye to that job. It seemed good to get a year of experience outside of university, but I missed leading and working together in a team. At 33 weeks pregnant at the time, I applied here, and after my leave, I started immediately! It feels like coming home. 

What are you most looking forward to in your role? 

First of all, getting to know everyone better because it's an incredibly nice group of people. I am also looking forward to building a new department together with the management assistants. There is a lot of knowledge and expertise within the team, and I am really looking forward to learning from each other.  

Where can we find you? / How can you be reached? 

My aim was throughout the building so that I would be near everyone, but not everywhere has flex-offices and I know that I always have a place at the management secretariat. So until now, I can mostly be found in MM 02.062. Other than that, I can always be reached by phone or email. I work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  

Which film or book did you enjoy the most? 

I love books as well as films. Het einde van de eenzaamheid (The End of Solitude) by Benedict Wells really got me reading, but how can I choose!? Educated, Pachinko, Ik ben Pelgrim (I am Pilgrim), Door het grote vuur (Through the Great Fire), all wonderful books. I always welcome book suggestions if anyone can recommend anything else to me.  

What's at the top of your bucket list? 

My boyfriend and I love travelling. If we had to choose, we would rank New Zealand and Japan as highlights. Now that we have had a daughter since December, the three of us think it would be great fun to go on a trip together, but that will take some figuring out how to do that with a baby. Taking a campervan across Canada, for instance, seems like a great adventure to me.    

With which hobby can you really completely forget about time? 

I might not call it a hobby, but since I studied Communication Science, I have dinner with six girlfriends from this study every Thursday. I met these girls during my pre-master's introduction, and we have been eating together every week for ten years. We are so in tune with each other's lives because we meet weekly, and during that evening I really forget about time. 

Do you have another fun fact about yourself? 

Call me crazy, but I very often paint the walls in my house. I think the house is already one square metre smaller from all the layers of paint on the wall... At 10 pm, I get an idea and want to grab the roller that same evening. 

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