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Radboud University conducts research on financial remuneration

Equal pay is an important issue that is in line with the University's mission: to contribute to equal opportunities for all. For this reason, Radboud University regularly conducts research on financial remuneration and aims to promote transparency around this. The goal is to achieve the fairest possible remuneration policies and greater understanding of the causes of potential pay gaps, in order to be able to effectively reduce them.

Remuneration study 2020 - 2022

Recent research on the financial remuneration of academic staff at Radboud University shows that there were pay differences between women and men during the 2020-2022 period: an average difference of 12% to the disadvantage of women. Men earned an average of €5,609 gross per month and women €4,940, a difference of €669. The research also shows that female and male academics at Radboud University are granted allowances with almost the same frequency, but that men receive higher amounts (and mostly on ‘other grounds’).

The unequal distribution of men and women across job categories and job levels plays a major role in the average pay gap. For example, women are underrepresented in the positions of associate professor and full professor, and heavily clustered in lecturer positions (where temporary contracts, part-time appointments, and limited advancement to higher job levels are more common). Within job levels, pay differences often arise from differences in age and career phase; women are, on average, younger, less likely to have completed a PhD, and if they have, usually did so more recently than their male colleagues. Average pay differences vary considerably between faculties. Again, differences are often a consequence of the relatively small number of women in professor and associate professor positions, and the effects of other factors (age, career phase, contract type and appointment size) vary by faculty.

Working on creating equal opportunities

Although the differences in pay are to a considerable extent explainable or follow from differences in position, Radboud University considers the overall pay gap to be too important to leave it at this observation. Accordingly, the Executive Board commissioned a project group to elaborate the research report's recommendations into a plan of action along three main lines:

  1. Advancement and promotion to higher positions
  2. Remuneration policy and guidelines for remuneration procedures
  3. Monitoring and transparency about remuneration (including remuneration of support staff)

In addition, faculties will carry out further analyses of any differences in pay within their own faculty.


Curious about the full research report? You can find it here.

The study was conducted by Bureau Pouwels and supervised by a steering group of researchers from various faculties.

If, as an employee, you have doubts about the correctness of your salary or job classification, consult your supervisor or the HR department of your faculty. If needed, you can then make use of the UFO objection procedure and the Radboud University objection and appeal procedure

Contact information

If you have any questions about the research report, please contact Joke Leenders (HR Division Policy Advisor): joke.leenders [at] (joke[dot]leenders[at]ru[dot]nl)