Justine Bakker geeft college
Justine Bakker geeft college

Radboud University expands opportunities for lecturer development

Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre and the department for Education Support have joined forces to create a more extensive training offering for lecturers. This offering better fits the developmental needs of lecturers and offers a continuous learning path from the University Teaching Qualification up to educational leadership. In doing so, Radboud University better supports their lecturers in their development. The first activities will start as early as this autumn.

A good start for new lecturers 

Specifically for new lecturers at Radboud University, the TLC organises welcome meetings to give them a warm welcome and the opportunity to reflect on their new role. Using informal working methods, participants get to know colleagues from other programmes and learn to create room for reflection on their vision of academic education and teaching. 

In addition, Education Support will start the short course 'Start to teach' from January. This is a four-hour training course where starting teachers are introduced to some basic (educational) insights and skills that can help them overcome initial fears in their role as a lecturer. 

Revision of the University Teaching Qualification 

In close cooperation with faculties, the UTQ guidance will be revised during this academic year. Lecturers will have more opportunities to take steps towards the UTQ from the start of their tenure. Here, broader training and guidance opportunities will be offered. The first step that was realised is the expansion of the course offering. In January, Education Support will also start setting up UTQ community coaching at the faculties in cooperation with the faculties. 

Pilot Senior Teaching Qualification 

Lecturers who have obtained their UTQ and are starting on curriculum development or educational renewal can partake in the pilot for the Senior Teaching Qualification. In the STQ pilot, educational renewal and lecturer development go hand-in-hand. Based on group meetings and intervision, participants will explore themes that can help with realising the educational change they are working on. The STQ pilot is a collaboration between the TLC, Education Support, and the Radboud Honours Academy. 

Educational leadership course 

In cooperation with the Centre for Academic Teaching at Utrecht University, the TLC will start offering the course Educational Leadership. The course consists of thematic meetings with topics such as vision on learning and lecturing, interdisciplinary education, educational innovation, curriculum development and managing educational processes of change. The course is ideally suited for senior lecturers with a management function. 

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