Opening Academisch Jaar 2022-2023
Opening Academisch Jaar 2022-2023

Radboud University Medal for Mirjam Ernestus and René Hagels

The Radboud University Bronze Medal is awarded annually to staff members who have made a special contribution to Radboud University. This year, the Radboud University Medal will be awarded to Mirjam Ernestus and René Hagels. They will be presented with the medal during the 99th Dies Natalis, which will take place on 20 October 2022.

Mirjam Ernestus

Mirjam Ernestus has been working at Radboud University since 2003. She has been working as Professor of Psycholinguistics since 2012 and has been the Director of the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) research institute since 2017.

The jury was impressed by the significant impact of Mirjam Ernestus’ activities, at both the academic and administrative levels, and was equally impressed with the social impact that she has made. Her research into language processing has garnered national and international acclaim, while her teaching methods are considered to be inspirational. She continues to skilfully lead the CLS and has subsequently made a substantial contribution to the success of the institute. She is committed to helping younger researchers to carry out their work to the best of their ability. Her personal style and leadership has consequently been praised and has made her an inspiring role model for others. Through her efforts, she has helped to put science and Radboud University on the map in both the academic and administrative fields.

René Hagels

René Hagels is head of the Educational & Study Facilities Department within the Campus & Facilities Division. His department deals with teaching and building facilities, and is subsequently involved with matters that concern the entire university.

As head of the department, he has fulfilled an exceptional role, most notably during the coronavirus crisis. Due to his extensive knowledge of teaching and building facilities and his subsequent responsibilities, he rapidly assumed an expert role in the implementation of the campus coronavirus policy. Suddenly forced to respond to an extremely challenging and disruptive situation, he worked together with his team and successfully implemented a different approach to education in a very short time. At the most critical moments, when he was often forced to respond to additional government measures at the eleventh hour, he has shown himself to be exceptionally inventive, candid and practical. His calm, friendly and collegial manner is deeply appreciated and is credited with motivating others to work together in order to make a difficult situation more manageable. As a result of this, his actions have had a positive impact on the university’s education and on the campus as a whole

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