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invoer BASS

Remember to declare your travel expenses and work-from-home days

Since 1 September 2021, you are required to indicate the days you commute to campus (by car or public transport) and the days you work from home. This means you no longer receive a standard monthly travel allowance. You can submit your claims in BASS up to three months after the end of the month for which the claim is being submitted. Unfortunately, not everyone does this each month, which is a shame, as you could be missing out on income or reimbursement. 

Directly to BASS


  • The working from home allowance is €2 for each day you work from home;
  • The travel allowance for commuting to campus in your own car is based on the amounts stipulated in the previous travel allowance scheme (which is calculated back to a fixed amount for each travel day);
  • If you travel by public transport, you can claim your expenses by either uploading your transaction overview for your public transport chip card, or an invoice for your public transport expenses or another proof of payment. Once you have entered the actual total costs, the system will automatically calculate the amount of the public transport travel allowance (75% or 100%);
  • The combination of a travel allowance and working from home allowance applies to all Radboud University staff members. These allowances do not apply to student assistants or on-call workers;
  • Your expense claims for working from home and travel days may be submitted every month in BASS. You may submit these expense claims up until three months after the end of the month for which the claim is being submitted;
  • You can submit one type of expense claim for each working day (i.e. either for a travel allowance or a working from home allowance). Once you are logged in to BASS, simply select one of the two options for the day in question and the system will automatically calculate the amount of travel or working from home allowance;
  • You are also entitled to a travel allowance if you live less than ten kilometres from campus and you cycle to work. If you use any other type of personal transportation, you will not be entitled to a travel allowance. If you wish to make use of the supplemental travel allowance option in the Selection Model, you will need to enter the details for the days that you travelled to and from the campus in BASS.

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