vermoeide medewerker met handen op hoofd
vermoeide medewerker met handen op hoofd

Rested and relaxed to work

Is rested going to work what you have been longing for for some time? Does it not work out, because really sleeping well is long overdue? Or would you like to go to work relaxed, but feel constantly tense, because of all the pressure you are experiencing? It may help to step aside by attending a training course. With some new insights and tools, you can then gently break patterns. So that you can get back to work with renewed energy.

Training offer

Be there in time, as full=full.

Vitality programme

Do you want to work on your physical and mental well-being for longer? The renewed vitality programme Fit@work will start in May. Keep an eye on the weekly announcements if you want to know when registration starts. Or go to gROW and click on Notify me'.