Results of Staff Survey 2022 published

Staff members of Radboud University are generally very satisfied about their work and working environment; they enjoy their work and gave it an average rating of 7.8 out of 10. This is according to the recent university-wide staff survey.

A vast majority of staff members indicated that they are committed and enthusiastic about the work activities and working environment. Themes that did not score as high in general — including social safety, workload, and leadership — require further discussion and interventions.


Like the staff surveys of the past few years, this survey demonstrates that academic staff members experience a structurally high workload. In a contrast to previous years, TSP staff now also indicate that they regularly suffer from structural overtime due to work that is not done and that they do not get around to.

Leadership and management climate

Staff members are less positive about the appreciation of and satisfaction with their supervisor and the management climate at the department and/or faculty. For supervisors, this is mainly due to a low rating on the components “Giving feedback” and “Monitoring leave and holiday allowances”. In this, a significant correlation was found between the level of appreciation of the supervisor and the degree of enthusiasm of the staff member.

Furthermore, the rating of the management climate showed differences between the various faculties and/or departments, and a significant correlation was found between the rating of the management climate at a faculty and the degree of staff member involvement.

Undesirable behaviour

Out of all staff members, 12% have experienced some type of undesirable behaviour at work in the past year. Much of the undesirable behaviour relates to gossiping: 7% of the staff members have experienced this in the past year. This is the lowest percentage compared to the Dutch universities included in the benchmark of IVA Onderwijs.

Other forms of undesirable behaviour such as bullying (2%) also occur at Radboud University according to the survey, but somewhat less than at other universities. However, the university has a higher percentage of staff members who experienced some type of aggression (3%) or discrimination (3%) at work. No questions were asked about the nature and cause, and it requires further clarification.

45% of the staff members who experienced a form of undesirable behaviour did not report this. This topic requires further action and intervention.

The next step

In addition to the report at the university level, results are available at the level of the main divisions (the faculties, Radboud Services, Radboud Teachers Academy, and the Donders Institute), including in an online dashboard with various options for filtering. These results will be discussed during faculty board meetings in the coming period, during which IVA Onderwijs and HR will give a presentation and analyse which follow-up interventions are desirable.

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The staff survey is conducted every two years to monitor developments. Furthermore, a Toolbox PQ is being developed by HR, in which the various potential follow-up interventions are shown per theme.