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Results Staff Survey 2024

In January, you could take part in the staff survey, in which you could give anonymous feedback on social safety, your supervisor, workload and facilities, among others. More than half of all employees (55%) completed the staff survey. The university-wide results are known and we want to share them with you.

Some results that stand out:

  • Employees at Radboud University are generally satisfied. On average, they rate their work with a 7.7 and the employer with a 7.5.
  • The perceived workload has decreased slightly compared to 2022 (now 6.9, was 7.1). In particular, perceived workload is increased by high task demands. Social support and control opportunities provide 'resources' to deal with these demands. Workload still remains an area of concern.
  • Our colleagues have a fairly positive sense of inclusion (4.0 on a scale of 5): they can be themselves with the supervisor, colleagues, students and strangers alike.
  • Colleagues, mainly from professional services (OBP), are positive about the work-life balance. This allows them to match work time with their private situation.
  • 21% of employees said they had experienced undesirable manners and behaviour. This is an increase of 9% compared to the 2022 survey.
  • Our employees are less positive about career and development opportunities. For instance, they indicate that opportunities to specialise/deepen in the job and engage in training are lagging behind.
  • Appreciation for governance could be improved. The functioning of employee participation is rated less positively.
  • Supervisors, especially those in academic positions, report only limited support in their managerial tasks and find them difficult to combine with other duties.

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This year, 55% of all Radboud University employees completed the staff survey (3,014 employees). In the previous three editions of the staff survey, the response rates were 37%, 53% and 46%. The organisation is therefore very pleased with this increase. As a reward, the department with the highest participation rates have received (or will soon receive) a whipped cream pie.

Further actions

Within the faculties and departments, there will be further communication on the specific results of the departments. In the coming months, the results will be discussed by the boards and staff. After the summer break, the units' results and action plans will be on the agenda of the university's joint meeting (Executive Board and employee participation).

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