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Library of Science

Room in Library of Science for employees

Room HG00.208 in the Library of Science is now available for employees to reserve for themselves via FACE. It is a room with two fixed PCs, a whiteboard and four chairs. You may also reserve the room for just yourself.

Reserve room HG00.208

For reserving this room, the same rules apply as to the four larger rooms in the Library of Science, which you can reserve for groups. You can reserve yourself via FACE, also on the day itself. If no employees are in the room, students may use it. They must leave the room when a staff member comes with a reservation.

In the larger rooms for groups (HG00.217, 217a, 218, 218a), an adapter from HDMI to USB-C has now also been added to the conference sets. So you can also use the conference set via USB-C.

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