Save and spend money in a smarter way? Free webinar for staff members!

The world is changing. Houses, food, gas, and fuel are all becoming more expensive. Are you experiencing financial stress, do you see your money melt like snow despite a good salary? Or would you like to find out whether you can work less as you approach retirement?

In the interactive Save and spend money in a smarter way webinar, you will be invited to take a fresh look at your finances. We will look at:

  • The science: Your reptile brain, your emotional brain, and your thinking brain.
  • What money type runs your show (the Ostrich, the Hero, the Daredevil, or the Saint Bernard)?
  • Useful income/expenses tools, practical tips concerning expenses
  • Saving, investing, and a money plan

Practical information

When: 7 December, 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Where: Online Once you've registered, in the week before the workshop, we will send you a confirmation via Outlook, with a link to the online meeting.
For whom: Radboud University and Radboud university medical center staff

Costs: Free of charge
Maximum number of participants: 50
By whom: Eef van Opdorp, known from the Uitstel van Executie programme


Please note: Registration takes place via PV Radboud; you don't need to be a member to take part.

This workshop is organised by PV Radboud in collaboration with Stichting Financieel in Balans (formerly Hulpfonds/Relief Fund). As a staff member, you can contact Stichting Financieel in Balans for advice, budget support, and interest-free loans. They can help with the following:

  • Bringing order to and obtaining insight into your financial administration
  • Arrears on fixed expenses / residual debt on selling your home
  • Loss of income, for example due to divorce/illness/partner's unemployment
  • Threat of being cut off from gas & electricity
  • Threat of eviction
  • Early retirement options

Would you like to learn more? Stichting Financieel in Balans website (