Icoon duurzaamheid jaarplan FSW
Icoon duurzaamheid jaarplan FSW

Seedcorn Grants: Call for Research Related to Sustainability

The sustainability spearhead issues 'seedcorn grants' to conduct research on a topic related to sustainability (max. €2,000). These small grants help researchers to start their research projects, where the results can then be used in larger grant applications to increase the chances of being awarded.

The Faculty of Social Sciences created the sustainability spearhead three years ago to strengthen sustainability policy within its domain. A large and diverse team of researchers and lecturers have joined this FSS spearhead, where they have been given the opportunity to allocate budgets for these seedcorn grants. 

Seedcorn grants are small grants issued to help researchers make their research possible. With the budget awarded, a researcher can start their project and, for example, see if a particular paradigm works as expected. Results can then be used in larger grant applications to increase chances of being awarded. 

Budgets are allocated for these seedcorn grants from the sustainability spearhead. Anyone within FSS who wants to do research on a topic related to sustainability in the broad sense can apply for the grant, which has a maximum of €2,000. The spearhead has budgeted for 2-3 small seedcorn grants per year.

Submit your application

To be selected, you must submit an application explaining the research and its design (maximum 2 A4) and describing the expected budget. You must provide information on the theoretical framework, research questions, hypotheses, and methods, as well as an estimated time frame for the research. After completion of the project, a summary about the project (300 words) should be emailed to be published in the FSS newsletter.

The allocation of seedcorn grants is done through a draw. All appropriate proposals are read and checked for compliance with the criteria, and three studies are then drawn. The deadline for the first round of applications is 28th May 2024

For more information or to submit applications, contact Barbara Müller (barbara.muller [at] ru.nl (barbara[dot]muller[at]ru[dot]nl)).

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