Several schemes and regulations adjusted

A number of changes have been made to the Training Expenses Reimbursement Scheme, holiday and leave regulations, business trip regulations and the social plan.

Training Expenses Reimbursement Scheme

Owing to the new act about the implementation of the EU directive on transparent and predictable employment, the most important changes to this scheme are as follows:

  • If you are taking a course that is compulsory and role-oriented, hours spent completing classes, tests and/or exams falls are considered hours that you receive training leave for. For the preparation of classes, tests and/or exams, you have to make additional arrangements with your supervisor.
  • In the case of necessary or compulsory training, there is no repayment obligation when you leave employment. 

The above does not apply to training that you do for your career development. 

The Training Expenses Reimbursement Scheme now also applies to PhD candidates and on-call workers (declarants). This means that PhD students with a u-number and on-call employees (declarants) with a u-number are invited to make (even more) use of the development opportunities of the Radboud University in gROW.

Training Expenses Reimbursement Scheme
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Holiday and leave regulations

In the current CLA, the university regulation for partly paid parental leave is adapted into the Paid Parental Leave Act. The most important changes as of 1 August are:

  • If you take parental leave in the first year of your child’s life, you will receive 70% of your salary for 13 weeks. If you do not take all 13 weeks in the first year, but take part of it later instead, you will receive 62.5% of your salary after the first year. 
  • You no longer need to have been employed for at least one year to be able to take partially paid parental leave.
  • The refund scheme has been repealed.

Holiday and leave regulations
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Business trip regulations

The most important changes from 1 September 2022 are:

  • The maximum reimbursement of accommodation expenses for domestic business trips has been increased from €150 to €175 per 24 hours.
  • If a destination can be reached within seven hours using sustainable alternatives, such as by train, the basic rule is to not fly anymore. If the travel time by plane and train is equal, the basic principle is to travel by train.
  • International travel has to be booked through a travel agency. The tender for this agency is ongoing. 

The business air travel policy was adopted in 2020. This policy has been drafted as part of Radboud University's sustainability policy with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions from business travel. 

Business trip regulations
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Social Plan

The Social Plan has been adjusted owing to the new CLA. The Social Plan applies to all Radboud University employees who are made redundant. The most important changes are:

  • The definition of far-reaching consequences for the legal position has been modified;
  • The period of protection against dismissal, amended in the CLA, has been included: the duration is being diminished in stages, from 10 to 3 months;
  • The mobility allowance will eventually be limited to a maximum of 7 steps;
  • The market-conforming budget for professional support for work-to-work guidance mentioned in the CLA has been included;
  • There is a clear description of what work can still be done by the redundant employee;
  • Legal protection has been adapted to the new disputes regulations system.

Social Plan