sIMMposium2023: sharing research findings & latest insights

On November 17th, 2023 we had our annual symposium of the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) of Radboud University, the sIMMposium. Interesting research topics in physics and chemistry were presented and discussed. There were keynote lectures by international guests speakers, presentations by IMM researchers and pitch sessions by IMM PhD candidates. A lively and interactive gathering among researchers, PhD candidates and students from IMM.


Three international keynote speakers spoke about an IMM theme related research topics. Prof. Bert Koopmans (TUe) spoke about femtomagnetism meeting spintronics and Mariana Rossi (MPG Hamburg) had a lecture about weakly bound materials. Stefan Sacanna (New York University) presented an analysis of ionic colloidal crystallization. "I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic and diverse gathering at the Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent, where chemists, physicists, and material scientists came together. The event was not only set in a fantastic location but also offered a wealth of opportunities for engaging discussions, particularly with the enthusiastic crowd of PhD students and postdocs during the research pitches. It was especially rewarding to see the interaction between PhD students and senior experts across various fields, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and experiences”, Sacanna says. 

IMM presentations & research pitches

Our IMM researchers presented their latest research work, among others Jonathan Martens from HFML-FELIX, Wei Li from Systems Chemistry and Angel Wong from the MRRC. IMM PhD candidates contributed to the event by presenting their research work for IMM colleagues in short pitch sessions in small online groups. They presented to a small group of people in virtual rooms with a 5-7 minutes presentation followed by discussions. “The pitches present an excellent opportunity for young scientists to present their work to an audience with a diverse background. They broaden the perspective of the imm members, and they provide unique feedback to the PhD candidates”, participant Paul Kouwer says. 

Overall, participants enjoyed this year's sIMMposium. “The symposium perfectly exemplifies the diversity of research within the IMM. The research pitches in particular gave the opportunity to learn about ongoing projects and techniques outside of your own expertise”, participant Jorine Eeftens says. 

Thanks everyone who participated for a wonderful and inspiring day!

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