vrouw met laptop
vrouw met laptop

Staff Survey 2024

On Tuesday 23 January, you will receive an invitation via e-mail to participate in the staff survey. Your participation will contribute to a better workplace for yourself and your colleagues.

Your participation

By completing the survey, you can give anonymous feedback on your supervisor, work pressure and facilities, among other things. Moreover, this time, compared to the edition in 2022, more space has been made for questions about social safety. The results of the staff survey show which topics deserve attention in the pursuit of a pleasant and safe working environment and work content. Your input thus forms the basis for work policy, both at university and or faculty/unit level. 

Completing the staff survey is encouraged by your supervisor and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Have you started the staff survey but want to finish it at a later time? You will automatically continue where you left of via the link in your mail.

Win a whipped cream pie

For the teams with the highest participation rates from the faculties, Radboud Services, Donders Institute and the Radboud Teachers Academy, whipped cream pies will be available. Book a joint moment with your team between 23 January till 13 February to complete the survey and win a whipped cream pie!


The staff survey is conducted biennially in cooperation with IVA Onderwijs in order to monitor developments on the shop floor and implement implementations. IVA Education processes the data confidentially and reporting takes place in such a way that anonymity is guaranteed. Results cannot be traced back to individual answers and no one within Radboud University has access to individual answers. 

Do you have questions about the staff survey or are you curious about your team's response progress? Please send an e-mail to contact [at] iva-onderwijs.nl or ask your questions to your supervisor or your own HR department.

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